On Element Appear on Computer Vision


How can I use On Element Appear on Remote Desktops?

There is no Computer Vision activity for the same.

Does it work without CV?


Use Image Exists activity as it is Citrix Environment.

Thanks for your reply @lakshman

Image Exists won’t work since the tabs appears after a call to the service which returns values and are not always present.

Do we have any other workaround?

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Hi @voranir,
The functionality of image exist itself is to identify whether the image is present or not.Based on that the flag value is set to true or false.
So, in your case if you know exactly the point when this element would appear you can have an image exist (give a relatively large timeout close to 9-10 seconds) and have the output in a boolean variable and then take a decision .In case if false is returned you can retry the same set of activity one more time just to be sure .

Yes, this is what I have done for now.

I have given a 40 second delay (usually the time for the tabs to load) and given larger timeout as well on the activity as well.

Thank you!!

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