"On element appear" in dispatcher of assignement 2 no working

Hi there,

I don’t understand when in my dispacher arrive to “on element exist”, it’s stop few second and then close pages and run again to do the same thing. Do you know what is the problem?

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From your screen shot I understand, you want to extract the data in table and the data in multiple pages.
To achieve that you can use data scrap method which will capture all the records of table.

Hi @MigT,

Please change the WaitForReady option to ‘NONE’ and let me know if you still face the same issue!

In selectors you need to include “<html app='chrome.exe or ie ’ title=‘ACME System 1 - Work Items’ />”

thanks at all.

@venkat4u I don’t understand why you give me how to do a data scraping. I know to use it, and the problem in this case is before the web data scraping .

@divyojyoti.sinha and @kirti.iyer I changed the WaitForReady and selector options, but the problem persists.


Monami try using a IF condition and debug.

  1. On Element Appear Activity has a output UIelement Variable (UI_Ouput)
  2. Use and IF condition to as >> UI_Output is Nothing
  3. Log the outcomes

you will know that way if the element is being detected or not , if not need to change the selectors

Try this selector for page number 2

<html title='ACME System 1 - Work Items' /
<webctrl aaname='2' tag='SPAN' /

(close the tags in the end)

You can iterate the number from an array if needed but then you will need to to know the max number of pages beforehand

Thanks but the problem persist and I have a system exception : “System exception. Retry: 0. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Invoke workflow file: Log Message”


Try the below and let me know if it solves your issue:

  1. Remove the informative screenshot within ‘On element appear’ activity and put the selector under Expression Editor of your selector. Your screenshot shows ‘Target clipping region’ which should be Null.

  2. Do the same for the Click activity you used before On Element Appear Activity. Remove the Informative screenshot and put your dynamic selector under Expression Editor of your selector. Additionally, place your Click Activity inside an Attach Browser activity.

As you can see, I did it but the problem remains

Can you please share the selector for your Click activity?

  1. Ideally, Click activity should have the parameters as below snapshot:

  1. On Element Appear activity should have “WaitForReady” = None, “RepeatForever” = False and give a timeout of 3000 millisecs as below:

Yes, I found my problem was in my click activity. So now the scrapping is do but after I have my system exception, I need to understand why. And I add correction on your second point too


Can you please elaborate regarding what issue you are facing.

You can try running in debug mode, to verify the entire workflow, and will also help you to identify the root cause of the issue.

In fact, I run the process in debug mode.
The connection on the website is ok, and then it goes to work item page and finally it scrap all pages. After this, it’s waiting and then close all and run again all time.


In the debug mode check the value of the variables at the point program stops

probably some variable value is coming null (which should not be null) and that is causing the issue


Please ensure that while extracting the data using Data Scraping Wizard, you should not scrape the Data table across multiple pages.

In other words, when the data scraping wizard prompts for whether ‘Data is spanning over multiple pages?’, Select No.

Thanks @neonova but after to check it I don’t found.

Thanks @divyojyoti.sinha, I 'm not sure to have understand because I don’t found where I can select “No”.

When you scrap the data using Data Scraping Wizard, a prompt like below appears.


Ok I understand, but when I did it, it’s not working.

Here you are the process workflow of my dispatcher Process.xaml (20.6 KB)


Your workflow for extraction seems correct. Can you share what exactly are you trying to do in this step? (why the click activity and the element exist activity?)

Can you please try modifying the sequence of activities as below :

Sequence should be like -->( Attach Browser —> Click Activity ) --> ( On Element Appear --> Attach Browser --> Data Scraping )

Your click activity looks fine so just change ‘On Element Appear’ Activity like below: