On Element Appear Activity-Generate yearly report-Dispatcher

Hi everyone!
Im having an issue with the "On Element appear " activity in assignment level 3 -Generate yearly Report for vendor -Dispatcher
it was running fine for sometime and now its showing this error. Did i do something wrong with my code. Can you please take a look .

Thanks in advance!

Process.xaml (14.3 KB)

Hi @parvathi_ayanala,
Can you please show your selector for this activity? I’m pretty sure you set this not dynamically and it’s the reason that process can’t catch it. More details here:

Hi @Pablito,
Thanks for acknowledging.
Below is the screen shot for the on element appear dynamic selector!

Well this selector isn’t dynamic for sure :slight_smile:
Please check the documentation link I’ve sent you.
Meanwhile you can try to change this part (marked on red) for asterisk because right now selector is depended on Work Items page:

Additionally make sure that your in_TransactionItem consist of proper value you need to automation.

@Pablito. Sure will definitely check. Thanks

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