Old Queue data non Unique Reference New Queue Data requires Old data

Hi Team,

I have a queue which is like a year old named for eg DataNotification which has enourmous amount of data,

Due to change in requirement I need it to be unique reference because of some notifcations numbers which were repeated by mistake so we are trying to have a unique reference in the new Queue

Question is how can I import data from old queue to new queue is there any jason schema or anything how do we need to proceed

One more thing how can add unique reference through bulk add queue items and if there was match in the new queue how to skip that and continue with others please advise

thanks in advance

You have to export the transaction first from both the queue to do the duplicate removal. After that you can save it as csv and upload to new queue. Regarding unique reference you can add only at the time of queue creation, otherwise in output data. there is no option to add during bulk insertion.

Export transaction - About Queues and Transactions
Upload Transaction - Bulk uploading queue items using a CSV file


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Just a few side notes for finding the fitting solution approach

we assume that these queueitems form the past were already processed. So most of them do have a status, which is not new

we assume that when importing to the new queue the QueueItem data / properties (status, created,…) should be kept. But a deduplication is needed as no longer QueueItems with the same References can/should be added.

So we would recommend to work more on the concept / requirements to define the migration needs.

Just keep in mind:

  • exporting from old queue and CSV import to new queue will result to new QueueItems (status new, different creation date‚Ķ, new internal ID)

we can do it with additional columns following some constraints

Parameter from the Bulk Add Queue Items Activity

Also we would recommend to check if Archival needs are to handle. If this would be the case, maybe it will affect the migration needs and will give also different requirements into.

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You can import the data…but i dont think thw status would reflect as success or failed…It would be new by default…

And add bulk queue items items have an option to process individually and give a list at end

You can check this for some idea…and also you need to do some cleansing if you want to else adding csv aslo has option to process individually…so if there is duplicate reference it would remove…

And reference i beleive is your unique id

Hope this helps


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