Old mails to deleted in gmail

How do i make a unique selector to click on the Oldest mail to delete the mails as shown in the SSSelector

Hi @ramkrishna2k3,
Use Click activity. Then indicate the button. Finally use second Click activity and before indicating you can press F2 to select after delay. You will be able to click the button and then select “Oldest” for activity.

I have done the same but when at next login the number get change and that time again i need to select, So i want ignore to select the second time. It should be unique. So that What ever the number of mails it should get clicked.

So you need to use UiExplorer to make your selector dynamic. By dynamic I mean that it will be able to click the button everytime.

You can show screen from your UiExplorer for this activity and we could help you make it dynamic. Eventually please have a look here:

Yes… I have done it by the wildcards. Thanks
Now i can able to select dynamically and delete the Old mails.

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