Offset issues after updating to the newer UiPath Version

Hello everyone,

After updating the UiPath Version from 2018.1.3 to 2019.4.2, processes that ran productively for many months with the previous version could not run anymore.

In most of the click activities, there was an offset that was added quite randomly (different offset values in different steps). In the original code, there was no offset at all, just a normal click activity.

Did anyone else encounter this problem, and are there any ideas what to do to solve it? Is there a way to prevent the update of the code to the newer version? I have a saved version that was used without any problems with UiPath 2018.1.3, but when I open it with 2019.4.2, it informs me that the code will be adjusted without an option to disagree.

Thank you and best regards!

Not sure about this problem.
If you are sure that you have that kind of problem, please report it in bug section. So it helps for the developers to check, validate and fix in the upcoming versions.

Karthik Byggari

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