Offline UiPath Usage

Fellow UiPathers!

My name is Federico and I’m new in this great tool!

Mostly my previous experience is connected to Automation Anywhere and one of its greatest limitations since the implementation of the Control Room in the version 10.0 (your equivalent as far as I know it’s the Orchestrator since the version 17.1) is that you must have a permanent connection to the server to check if the license is valid and from time to time this has created uncomfortable situations with some of our clients because we need to connect through VPNs and most of our robots are unattended. Nowadays, I’m trying to promote the usage of UiPath in new projects and I’d like to know if it’s similar because as I said before anytime the VPN is down for any reason, all processes stopped and many times we know it until a considerable amount of time later, I’d like to be able to reconnect the VPN without a persistent network connection to the server. Thanks for your clarification.

Hi @fanmixco,

There is support for attended robots to run while disconnected and retain their license, but not so for the unattended.

It is possible, however, to set up the robot to send out some sort of life signals during the processing that will get gathered by another robot which would inform you of the environment is down during processing.

I am also quite sure that this scenario has many other solutions that are viable :slight_smile: