Offline license deactivation. Page error

Hi Community,

I’m encountering an error while attempting an offline front office license deactivation.

1.Execute regutil get-deactivation-cert /out_file= with a txt file name. Ok
2. Paste the content of the file in and click Deactivate.

The deactivation page returns an error

Tried this with IE and Firefox browser with the same result.

Hi @Sparrow

Is the issue still there for you?
You can always try contacting our licencing support for more assistance.

Thanks, that is what i did, last time. Support deactivated license but it takes time. I hoped that someone will come up with a workaround. It’s not too convenient to engage support and wait for response each time.
I have this problem since the end of december.
Unfortunately my specific environment doesn’t allow online deactivation. I will be facing couple of license deactivations in the upcoming days :frowning: