Offline CV Installation On-Prem Error Unsupported Flag --Optional-Offline-Bundle

Unable to install the CV offline bundle on a airgapped AI center On-Prem. using the command, sudo ./ -i ./cluster_config.json -o ./output.json --optional-offline-bundle "/uipath/tmp/cv.tar.gz" --offline-tmp-folder "/uipath/tmp" --accept-license-agreement

Issue Description:

The --optional-offline-bundle flag is no longer available in the script, causing confusion for users who rely on it.

Resolution: To address this issue, a new command should be used in its place.

  • ./ registry upload --optional-offline-bundle "/uipath/tmp/cv-ondemand.tar.gz" --offline-tmp-folder "/uipath/tmp"


This change is applicable not only for the CV UiPath installation but also for the DU ( Document Understanding).

Note: By using the updated command mentioned above, it is possible to continue uploading the optional offline bundle as part of the UiPath installation process.