Official feed become un-check after UiPath studio restart

UiPath Studio is not sustaining the package source setting - Let's say we check the 'Official' source, but after we closed and reopened Studio the 'Official' source became unchecked again.

This is a feature from UiPath v 2018.4.6 onward that if Studio is acquiring License from Orchestrator, then by default only Local and Orchestrator feed will be enabled, while Go and Official are disabled by default:
Managing Activities Packages

Workaround :
We can add the Official and Go feed as Custom feeds by following steps and then check the same, by doing this it should not un-check the feeds, next time the studio is launched.

  • Comment out the official and Go feeds from nuget.config file from location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\NuGet.Config
  • These feeds will be removed from the Manage Sources then it can be added to Custom feed and Custom feed retains the configuration-