Official Comment or Update From Uipath on issues they are working or addressing



Hello @badita and @alex.stoian

As i have already raised such concern with @alex.stoian in a workshop that on some issues in activities properties and some issues with backward compatibility and some ideas about new activities addition or features addition in Uipath product on forum some kind of updates should be there from Uipath team or any member like they are planning on it or may be working on it/ addressing such issues.

althoght @badita is already doing a great job and @cosmin.sandulescu as well but still on some posts i have observed that they still needs some official updates or comments should be there or may be they have fixed such issue with new release.

and may be it would be great help if you will create may be some kind of category for this as well.

it will be so great if you will consider such thing.

Thanks for you time on this.