[Office365] Get Mails From Subfolders

Issue Description: When using the Office 365 scope with the Outlook get mail activity or using the file activities, a subfolder can not be specified to lookup for emails or files. For example, if the ‘get mail’ activity, the Robot is able to get mail in parent directories such as ‘Inbox’ or even another folder created at parent level successfully. However, if there is a child folder under Inbox (i.e. ‘Inbox\TEST’) then the activity fails to find the directory and it cannot run. Is this a known bug? MS Graph package v1.21.0 and MS Office 365 activities v1.1.2 are being used.

Resolution: This is because of a bug in Microsoft API. The Microsoft is expected to release v2 of the API to come out so that UiPath can fix this.

As it has dependency on Microsoft API there is no release date planned.

As a workaround, use Outlook activities for sub folders as it works properly.