Office365.FindFilesAndFolders Obtains UserID, but Office365.GetItemInfo Activity Can't Find It

Using the following parameters for FindFilesAndFolders Activity:

I can obtain DriveItem for the folder “RPA Customer Sharepoint”, having an ID property of a 34-character string beginning with “01HH” and ending with “2YWV”

When, without exiting the Microsoft365Scope parent activity used to obtain that that DriveItem ID, I tried a GetItemInfo Activity having these parameters:
… and it’s not returning anything.

I’ve tried these variants.

Clearly, the FindFilesAndFolders activity establishes that my User ID has rights to the DriveItem ID in question. Thus, the GetItemInfo activity should return a result when it is supplied the same value. I do not understand why it fails to do so.

Please advise.

What is the exception?