Office 365 outlook mail how to move mails?

Hi all,

So I’ve this automation that used to have the outlook (non-365) get outlook mail activity. This activity saved the output in a variable called ''Messages" of the ListMailMessage type. I would loop through the Messages with a for each loop where each item was called ‘‘Mail’’. I would then do some stuff with the individual “Mail” and move it to a different folder with the move outlook mail message activity.

However, I’m rebuilding this automation to use outlook 365 activities. And when I use the outlook 365 get mail activity, it saves the output as Office365Message. If I loop through these Messages where each item is called ‘‘Mail’’, I can’t use the office 365 move mail activity to move this individual ‘‘Mail’’ anymore. It gives the error: implicit conversion from to uipath.microsoftoffice365.models.office365message is not allowed with option strict on

Please help.

Anyone? I really need to know for my automation.


Try accessing the parameters of the loop activity and in the Type Argument select : UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Models.Office365Message

Hope this helps.

Hi, I know that but the problem is that I can’t use the move mail activity anymore within the loop. The ‘‘each item (in this case, 1 mail)’’ in the loop can’t be used for that…

I misunderstood what you meant, but now I do. This solved it! Thanks alot!!!

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