Office 365 Get Mail error (intermittent)

I have an Office 365 get mail activities (1.19.0) on a new process, sometimes the active works and sometimes I get the following error, this error only happens on my prod server, it works 100% time on my Dev server.

I have tied some suggestions from other threads such as removing the office365 token from the %appData% folder, but this didn’t resolve the issue

Get Mail: Code: ErrorItemNotFound
Message: The specified object was not found in the store., Default folder Root not found.
Inner error:
date: 2023-05-09T09:21:34
request-id: xxxxxxx
client-request-id: xxxxxx
ClientRequestId: xxxxxx

anyone seen or got any thoughts on this?

I have other processing using the same get mail activities that work fine.


Please try using a retry scope around it with some deay in retry and check


In my experience any web request can mess up like this, you can get similar things with the robot communicating with the Orchestrator, sometimes requests just bug out due to network instability or firewalls or whatever.
Retry scopes are a decent workaround to the issue since I am not sure it can really be solved.

thanks, i will add this to my workflow.

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