Office 365 Get Email, suing Filters


I am currently using Office 365 Get Email activity in which i need to use Query.
I want to select the emails which consists of below three -

  1. From -
  2. Subject - UiPath Forum
  3. Body - UiPath

Any suggestions how can create query for the same ?
Thanks in advance

@prerna.gupta AND Subject:‘UiPath Forum’ AND Body:‘UiPath’”
try this one in filter property of get outlook mails activity

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To create a query for selecting emails based on the sender, subject, and body, you can use the following syntax in the Office 365 Get Email activity: AND Subject:‘UiPath Forum’ AND Body:‘UiPath’

This query will select all emails that are from the specified sender, have the specified subject, and contain the specified keyword in the body. You can modify the email address, subject, and keyword as per your requirements.

Note that the query syntax is case-insensitive, so you don’t need to worry about the case of the keywords. Also, make sure to enclose the subject and body keywords in single quotes to avoid any syntax errors.

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Hey @prerna.gupta

Be sure to check out this post which has many examples.

I would wrap each of the three requirements in brackets using “AND” to separate each set of brackets

Hopefully this helps :blush:



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