Office 365 - forward message


Can we use office 365 to forward message?
This is what I have


I think you are using Use Outlook 365 activity

We can use FORWARD EMAIL activity inside that scope
To add any value click on that plus symbol near input field and map accordingly

And also we can use FORWARD EMAIL activity with Use Desktop Outlook App activity as well

It works

Cheers @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka

Due to some setting we have to use office 365 however can I configurate 365


Have a view on this doc for clarification

Cheers @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka

Does not help much. Method Selected.Mail does not work with Office 365


Can you try to use ForEachEmail activity as the following?


Yes, the only way to Forward message is to use For Each Loop which is bit weird however it is what it is…

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