Office 365 - Forward Mail ( too many retries)

Hi Team,

I am using office 365 activities to forward the mail from the mail message variable in the for each loop.

In the for loop, I am using forward activity and getting the following error :- tooManyRetries

Please help with this.

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I believe your workflow got hit the number of forward mails that usually allow from office 365

So can you check the limits allowed?

Hope this may help you



Where do I check this?

And how to make them as per the limits?

Sorry to move this topic up as it is quite old, but I believe it is better to have an answer to the situation than to be left without an answer.

In my case I was assigning the Account property incorrectly. This property in the Forward activity must be assigned the value of the mailbox you are working with. Your Office 365 scope has your account assigned, account that you are authenticating to the service, and in the Get Email and Forward Email activities for example, you must work with the Account property, which is not a required field, but is necessary when you are not trying to access the destination with the same user and password as your scope.