Office 365 Excel Copy Sheet include formats

If i’m not mistaken, the current activities only copy the range values and not an actual duplicate of the sheet. According to the docs, the activity “uses the Microsoft Graph GetRange, AddWorkbookWorksheet, and UpdateRange APIs to copy an existing worksheet”.
I guess added functionality to copy over the formats would need to include GetRangeFormat and UpdateRangeFormat as well?

Hi @nameless

You are right, I’ve made a test and the text and formulas are copied, but the formats are not. I will add it to the product backlog.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi @ovidiuponoran

Would you be able to update me whenever it’s ready?


Hi @nameless Yes, sure. We plan to have a new release by the end of June.

Hi @nameless

Due to the way that getting the formatting for a range is designed in the Graph API (we get singular values for the entire range and not a list containing formatting for each cell; also, most of the values are null if the range does not have uniform formatting), implementing this function would require a <query, set> pair for each cell inside the range.

Because of these limitations, we won’t implement it for the next O365 release. When Graph API will offer support for this, we will include it.

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