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How to use Read Range activity in MS Office 365(Excel Online)?

Excel Online Means Sharepoint or Other?

Hi @ajeshwari.desai

Download the UiPath Package UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities from Manage Packages. Use will find Read range Activity under that package.

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For that, you need to use Microsoft Office 365 Scope

Microsoft Office 365 Scope We have some Azure Details like Tenant, Application Id, and Application Secrete required and the Admin team needs to give Permission for your Email.

Only then can we able to read and Write online…

For your reference PFA link

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What is the configuration needed for read range(ConnectionID)?

@AutomationX_by_Kiran ,
Is there any other way than share point and one drive?

Hi @ajeshwari.desai
Connection ID property is used for database connection which connects UiPath cloud and Sharepoint. You can directly browse for workbook and give the range.
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Please first setiup office 365 then read rnage can be used inside the scope activity

Your azure admin can help you with this