ODBC driver issue in Windows 10 for Oracle Database

Write your feedback, idea or concern We have a use case in which we have to connect to oracle database for fetching some row items. We are using ODBC driver to establish the connection. This mechanism seems to be work perfectly in Win 7 while the same fails in win 10. In Win 10 we found that the connection is established without any issue but the extraction query returns “0” rows.

The options we tried are as follows,

• Installed Oracle ODBC driver 12.0 version with 32 bit (latest version available for Win 10)
• Created user DSN in ODBC data source 32 bit with driver ‘Microsoft ODBC for oracle’
• Created user DSN in ODBC data source 32\64 bit with driver ‘oracle driver for ODBC’

In win 7 – Oracle ODBC driver 11.0 version with 32 bit is available which was working perfectly and this version is deprecated now.

Please let us know if you have come across similar situation in your project and share your resolutions for the same.

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Just wanted to see if you found a resolution to this issue as I’m running into the same problem on Windows 10 2004.


any resolution about this issue?