/odata/Processes is not filtering by TargetFramework


I am troubleshooting an error i got while using the swagger UI in Orchestrator. I am not sure if my syntax simply is wrong or there is a problem with the api request that i am sending. I am using the get /odata/Processes and entering this filter:

The error i get is this:

And when i look at the logs for Orchestrator it says:

This is confusing the hell out of me. What am i missing? Can someone please help me in the right direction.

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Can you try like this

[TargetFramework] eq 'Windows'


Nice idea. But no hit sorry:

Just fyi, there is severa in the response with target framework eq windows:



Interesting looks like a bug… Working for all filters except framework

@loginerror @marian.platonov Any idea?


Can you try the same for /odata/Releases endpoint while using TargetFramework eq 'Windows' or TargetFramework eq 'Legacy'?

For the /odata/Processes endpoint it is not allowed to search but that TargetFramework parameter value filter.

Works fine with that filtering for that endpoint. Such a strange problem/error.

I raised a Product improvement as I was able to replicate the same in my Cloud Orchestrator.
No ETA for when this will be implemented/fixed for /odata/Processes.

For now, use the /odata/Releases for that filter.