OData Filter on O365 Get Mail

Hi all,

I am using the Office365 activities to read emails.

I want to apply the filter by subject and email body, I have this query expresson:

"contains(subject, 'subject you are looking for') and contains(body/content, 'body you are looking for')"

This works a 100% however, I just want to safe guard it and ensure it works irregardless of the casing, I am trying to convert the subject and body to lower case before comparing. I have tried the below and it did not work:

contains(toLower(subject), 'subject you are looking for')

contains(subject.ToLower(), 'subject you are looking for')

I have read through these docs but I still cant find help:
Use query parameters to customize responses - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn

An update for this.

Actually I believe the query is not case sentive, I have tested with unmatching cases and it still finds the email.

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