Odata Api Orchestrator Http Request


Im working with odata api and all I want is to grab “StartProcessing” and “EndProcessing” time from odata/QueueItems.
Im using Orchestrator Http Request activity where i have something like: “/odata/QueueItems”
Whole thing is in json see example:

Now I want to save every “StartProcessing” and “EndProcessing” time, the thing is I have no idea how to.

I came into idea and I made new Orchestrator Http Request: “”/odata/QueueItems?$select=StartProcessing,EndProcessing",
now I have only two values - Start and End, I used write line activity to check output:

Atm result is in one String, but can i separate each other? For example every record with “StartProcessing” and “EndProcessing” value has unique ID, but i still dont know how to deal with it.

Any ideas? Im kinda stuck for the whole day.

Many thanks!