"OCRProfile exists" error while trying to run Calculator Automation.xaml immediately after install

Hi! I just installed UiPath Studio and I have tried to run “Samples/Text/Calculator Automation.xaml” sample, but compilation gives error:

The type ‘OCRProfile’ exists in both ‘UiPath.OCR.Core’ and ‘UiPath.Vision.Core’

or more explicitly

The type ‘OCRProfile’ exists in both ‘UiPath.OCR.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ and ‘UiPath.Vision.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’

Studio version 2023.4.2 Enterprise Tiral License, Per-user Installation. MS Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit 6.0.7

I would be happy to edit xaml file myself, e.g. maybe I can rewrite OCRProfile value with fully qualified name (I can experiment with both possible values), but I have no idea how I can switch from workflow view to code view.

Just trying to quickly evaluate and build some demo project for the presentation that could decide whether to adopt or not this tool. Thx.

Hi Alex,

Yep, one way would be writing the complete name of a method/function you use.

However, i dont understand what you mean when you say " but I have no idea how I can switch from workflow view to code view." If you want to use a custom code use “Invoke code” activity. There are multiple option to fire different kinds of scripts through UiPath.


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UiPath designer shows graphical representation of the workflow, whose elements apparently references OCRProfile constants. If I were able to switch to the code editor and edit the *.xaml of the workflow, then I could be able to edit all the references to OCRProfile and provide fully qualified name.

But I don’t the option to switch to the xaml editor.


You could throw the entire page in to text editor, it would give you all the references, Just see if thats of any use to you, there no official conversion mode for workflows to code view.

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