OCR Text Exists - Any text/numbers

I want to use OCR Text Exists, and I want it to detect text/numbers if any. What do I place in the argument “Text”?

OCR Text Exists activity would only find out whether any given text is present in the application, using OCR technology. So the Text input has to be the exact text that has to be found using OCR.
Refer this documentation :

This might not be the right activity for your requirement, as far as I understand. If you can briefly explain what you are trying to do, I can help you with some ideas.

I have an image table with shipping items, no borders. Every item has multiple lines, but the row takes up the height of the row item with the most lines. The first row is of variable height and format and has to be handled separately from the rest of the items. I was thinking to scan line by line until I find the next item in the first row to indicate the second item onwards.

Your scenario seems tough for sure! :confused:
A sample image might help understanding better though.
The only way I can think of to separate the line items is to figure out the pattern which differentiates the line items- Something like item number, or like some filed that is only on the top line and not on each line item, etc. Once script encounters the differentiating pattern then it has reached the next line.