OCR Text Errors



Hey, I have a problem using OCR, because it just can’t read the image. i tried using Microsoft OCR and google OCR, and none of them can get the text right every time.

If this can’t work, i might have to go for voice recognition but i would really like to be able to teach it to read the text.
Is there any way to train the OCR or have it “take and image” and compare to an image, and the Name of the corrosponding image would be output text?


Have you tried with Abbyy OCR? It is a paid for service but is far superior to the out of the box OCR readers.

Search the forum for more help with Abbyy, you can download a free trial.


I have ABBYY Fine reader installed in my system but still when i try using ABBYY OCR for READ PDF with OCR, it throws the error message “Abbyy OCR : Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine”. Can you please help me with it?


See my answer above. I believe there is a special key that is required from the sales team.