OCR Loop

Hi All,

I am trying to create a bot that essentially loops through a pdf, and uses OCR to read any text in the margins and store it somewhere. Right now, I am looping with a For Each loop. The loop works, but the only issue is that it seems like I can only store text from the most recent loop iteration. Every time the loop runs, it gets the data from the margin, then loops again and replaces that data with the new data. My question is, how can I just keep adding text to, lets say a text file?

If anyone can tackle this too that’d be awesome: Also need the bot to read the text in the margin, and if it contains a certain word, create a link on that work. Any thoughts on that?

Any help would be huge!!!

Hi @alex1

Try this activity to add text into your text file. It’ll add text below your previous text.

Thanks! That worked

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