OCR from multipage TIFF

I need to extract data from multipage TIFF. I am loading the file with “Load Image” activite and then use Tesseract OCR. The problem is that the OCR only extracts data from the first page. The OCR doesn´t consider the rest of the pages

I’ve not personally worked with TIFF’s before, can you seperate out the pages to be seperate files easily?

Hi @esoccl

Use send hot key as pagedown and try to extract the pages


I can not separate the pages before because there are many files and each file has many pages.
Regarding a use send hot keys, the robot does not show the file on the screen. Everything is working in the background. The user only has to select the folder to process and then he has to wait until the robot finishes and create a CSV file with only the required data (I use regular expressions to get the data to extract).

I want to use RPA because later the robot will have to open a form in a legacy system and complete each of the fields with the information extracted.