OCR click activity is not working when the VM is in unattended mode

Hi Team,

I am looking for a solution, That for my workflow has OCR click activities used and when VM is connected and ran the bot, bot able to click but when VM is disconnected(unattended) bot was unable to click the Fiscal period in excel Analysis filters.


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We can try with Computer vision activities
Here you go on how to use

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Hi Latika,

Did you setup robot resolution? Maybe this can be the root cause.

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Please let me know how to set a robot resolution??

Hi Latika,

This page can be found in Orchestrator, in the Robot settings.

Can you try these parameters and tell us if it works?

If no, try to put “Login to Console” to true.

Good luck!

Resolution changes also not working… any help?


There are few ideas in this post Automation Works in Attended Mode but Not in Unattended Mode

Could you try and see if helps you?

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