OCR and some selectors failing on server environment when no human user connected

Scenario: Bot hosted on a server VM runs fine when a user is connected via RDP, but if the user disconnects or the bot is run from orchestrator, at least one OCR click fails. I’ve seen similar issues when a user with a different screen resolution connects via RDP and tries to run the bot - that user reported many failed selectors. My suspicion is that the failures are somehow related to whatever resolution the server defaults to when a user disconnects.

Steps to reproduce: The selectors are specific to the account the automation is currently hosted on; potentially not easily reproducible on other systems. On the system itself, the issue can be reproduced by clicking run on the Main workflow of the bot, then immediately disconnecting from the VM. It may also be reproduced by running the bot from the Orchestrator instance it’s registered to.

Current Behavior: Fails to run without a user connected

Expected Behavior: Able to run 24/7 regardless of whether or not a user is connected

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior: Formerly hosted on a VMWare virtual desktop rather than a server OS - no issues there.
OS Version: Windows Server 2012 R2

Has anyone else encountered this problem, or similar issues with server-hosted VMs or resolution?

Have you tried forcing the same resolution on the robot with the one when doing RDP?

According to the server administrators, the user session is already set not to expire on disconnect, so the resolution should be preserved. When I asked about locking the resolution, they indicated that it wasn’t possible or they couldn’t do it, and the googling I’ve done on that topic hasn’t yielded much.