Hi all… i did a read range… and a data table for excel.
i need to write text of the function object.to string…

may i check if i can have multiple function object?

eg “text” + screenRow(“eg”) + screenRow(“max”).ToString()

this didnt appear correctly… how do i pass multiple string so that both information can appear as text

Yah that’s possible
—once after getting datatable pass that datatable variable as input to FOR EACH ROW activity
—inside the loop use a writeline activity and mention like this

“text” + row(“eg”).ToString + row(“Max”).ToString

Or if we want to type without using for each row loop then the expression be like this

“text” + datatablename.Rows(rowindex)(“Yourcolumnname”).ToString + datatablename.Rows(rowindex)(“Yourcolumnname ”).ToString


“text” + datatablename.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex).ToString + datatablename.Rows(rowindex)(Columnindex).ToString

Where row index and column index both starts from 0 for first row and first column
Cheers @minthodology

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