Object Repository Or Updating SAme Object in Multiple Flows

HEllo ,

Can Someone help me to understand how can i handle maintenance of Objects whose properties are changing as I have to update this in multiple process again and again.
In UFT we had Object repository which was taking care of all objects, do we have any similar feature here in UiPath?

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@rohit_nirantar So you want to Change the Value but you do not want to Change the code?

Yes, basically developers have updated some properties of object which I added earlier.
So if this happens again in future I will have to update same thing in couple of flows, Just wondering if there any feature where I can update at one location and it will get updated for all flows.

@rohit_nirantar You can keep those values in an Excel and Read the Excel File Make a Dictionary Object like that of an RE Framework Project. It is Very useful. You can go look into an RE Framework Project and it’s Config File for better understanding.