Object Repositiry created page is working fine on Dev environment with dev url, On UAT the prod url is not accessed instead dev is opened again

Hi All,

I have to access web page with dev url and this is added to object repo as page .
Then in uat it is getting production url but it is not accessed and instead dev url is accessed with object repository page again.

Is the url is stored and cannot be replaced or there is something missing with input. The Urls are stored in config file under specific environment.


Hello Pranita,
Have you created arguments for application path that need to be passed in object repository, so you can set the value for dev or uat or production application accordingly?

Hi Dilip,

PFA, in this the object repo web page element highlighted in yellow and in activity passed the url. According to environment the in_PIMurl value will be changing. When I run the process

Could you please elaborate how I can create argument in object repository.

Here as you can see, value stored in variable is production url and accessed url is development url. I think that object repository storing the url along with page , is that can be a case, please confirm.

  1. This is my Object Repository

  2. Right Click on the Screen Object

  3. Click on Edit Descriptor

  4. Setup the vairable in Browser URL

  5. Now once you drag the screen in design panel, it will ask you automatically to create a variable in workflow

Hope this should resolve your issue

Thank you @Dilip_Wakdikar_1996. It is working.

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