Object reference not set to an instance of object. while getting credential from config

Please help me to resolve

Hi @babita
Can you check once in Config file the name is present or not

Please check you pass arguments Correctly?

  1. Your arguments value sent to initAllApplications.xaml file in invoke workflow activity is empty
  2. The orchestrator, I am assuming your cloud orchestrator has a different name for the credentials asset you are trying to poll.
  3. You have spaces in your arguments string
  4. Your orchestrator asset is empty or asset is in a different Tennant

Try and check these possible reasons.

The error essentially occurs in many UiPath activities when a required input to the activity is provided but the value is empty.

Hope this helps you debug the issue.

hi @babita

in_Config(“AssetName”).toString is not available in your config variable, can you check for that.
If possible can you provide us with a screenshot of your config file and highlight the credential asset name that you’re trying to read.


Hi @babita

Might be there is no such key in your config file