Object reference not set to an instance of object (Get transaction state in RE Framework)

Hello all,

I got an error which stating that the Object reference not set to an instance of object in Get transaction state in RE Framework. Here, I am using DataRow as datatype instead of Queue. I have defined arguments and variables in DataRow type. Still it is not retrieving the transaction items.
Please find the below screenshots for your reference.

Hello @Jai_Raj

Please make sure you have properly initialized the arguments. I think in the Invoke workflow you haven’t mapped the value to the argument.

So click on Import arguments and assign the respective value to the arguments.


Object reference not set to an instance of object error comes when you havent set arguments properly. You can refer this video on how to remove this error.

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It means your variable/argument has not been initialized. Assigning a value is the simplest way to initialize. You’re probably testing just that one XAML, so no argument values are passed in, so no arguments are initialized. Set values for testing in the argument defaults.

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I have mapped the values correctly. Please have a look into screenshot.

The mapping isn’t the issue. You aren’t running the XAML that the Invoke Workflow is in, so no values get passed through the mapping. You have to define default values in the get transaction XAML itself.

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