Object reference not set to an instance of an object tyoe into

Hello everybody i need some help.
I want to use a value wich is in my config.xlsx for a type into in the browser search field.

But i get this error message in my type into.
Iam a newbie an this is mir first work with a config file.

Thank you very much
Kind reegard


You have to initialize in_Config and put value in it
Try below
in_Config = New Dictionary(of string, object)
Read Config.xlsx and get DT
in_Config(DT.Rows(0).Item(“Name”)) = DT.Rows(0).Item(“Value Prod”)

Can you explane it step for step for me please :slight_smile:

in the screenshot you can see the value in the line www.google.de

The Value of Config.xlsx IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY ADDED to your value.
You have to make uipath read your config file and add to your dictionary

First, initialize your Dictionary

Then read your Config.xlsx

Assign in_Config(row.item(“Name”).ToString) = row.item(“Value Prod”)

Use Write Line to check that data is added correctly

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Change the type of in_Config.
it seems to be GenericValue. it should be Dictionary(of String, Object)

Did you make Datatable Variable? What’s your output Datatable of Read Range activity?
Match _DT with your datatable variable.