Object reference not set to an instance of an object error

Hi guys,

Using web recorder i am extracting a table from web.but while i’m running error is occured at starting itself .
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Source : sequence

i have gave default value also to the datatable.
Could you guys help me on this,

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can you please share the screenshot … and after what activity you are getting this error.
you generally get this error if you are passing the null value. check if you have forgot to assign appropriate value.

this error must be occurring in the very beginning when the execution starts
Make sure that the datatable varaible name which is obtained from the extraction is not with the scope of the whole sequence and it should be within that attach browser or extract structured data container
check in the variable panel and change the scope of that variable from the whole sequence
or initiate the datatable variable with a default value new System.Data.Datatable()
This would work for sure @Sriram07
Or still if any issues occur
can i have a view on your xaml buddy if possible
Cheers @Sriram07

initiate your datatable
for example: dtExtract= new datatable()