Object Reference Not Set.. but

Hi all,
i have a problem that i don’t know how to deal with scraping a table and writing to excel.
I have a workflow that involves the collection of two datatable, in the same web page, done in two different moments.

  • Collection table 1 … (execution of some related operations on other environments)
  • Collection of table 2. on the same page of table 1, (table on several pages) and writing on file.

If I write the piece of code on the Flowchart itself it doesn’t work.
If I make a new one, only for the second part, it works correctly.
What can it depend on?
I tried to cut and paste the new Sequence into the initial one, but it doesn’t work. It does not scroll between the pages of the table and does not write to file.

Any idea? :expressionless: