Object Error on web scrapping


I’m trying to scrape a datatable from a web application and when I say yes to recover the whole table this error appears.

How to fix it? Why this problem appears?


I’m not exactly sure, but my question is if the Object Error pop up is from Studio or Web Application?

The message is from Studio, I’ve tested now closing the Studio and the window disappears.

Looks like IE error, try doing whatever you are doing manually (click on cells) and see if you are getting the same error.

If I do it with a standard scrapping (Full text) there is no problem… Is only when I try the web scrapping.

The problem is, if I do it without web scrapping, the performance of my robot will be worst :frowning:

So I will try to solve this IE problem and I will try another time. Thanks!

hi! i find the solution . shuld close the ActiveX Choose . Or close the Protection Mode.