O365 Move Mail - slow performance


did anyone encounter an issue with Office 365 activities performance?
Entering the 365 scope is not problematic but each execution of Move Mail activity takes around 10-15 seconds. The same problem we do have with Get Mail activity where around 5 seconds is needed to get one e-mail.

If this is not a problem of the activity itself what should we verify within our infrastructure?

We are using Username and Password authentication within the internal network.

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Could you pls let us know if you sent any email or move any email to some other folder is it taking the same time while you are using the Microsoft O365 activities. Thanks.


You can check the network latency,
Also any Antivirus is there also make that into whitelist

Maybe this helps


I am not sure if I got you.
Two Microsoft O365 activities that we use mostly are Get Mail and Move Mail within 365 scope. And they work very slow.

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We have to understand whether it is issue with the activities or your infrastructure. My question is whether we are facing slowness while getting mail or moving email manually from the outlook. if manually also we are facing any slowness issue first we have to check on the outlook PST file storage. i hope you understood my comments. thanks.

Now I follow :slight_smile:

We don’t face such issues when manually working with mailbox via desktop Outlook App.


Some how the performance issue related to the Office 365 environment. Whenever we sent any request from our activity to cloud Microsoft 365 server in un attended fashion since we are using username and password instead of Oauth authentication it is taking some time to respond i guess. Could you please check the below thread on how to resolve performance issue in Office 365 environment. Thanks.