O365 Get Mail - Public Folders

Hi all,

Have searched forums, google, UiPath documentation and can’t find anywhere which mentions this. How do I retrieve emails from a Public/Shared Folder using O365 Get Mail?


This is the latest I tried, but I get the below error:
Get Mail: Code: ResourceNotFound
Message: Resource could not be discovered.
Inner error:
date: 2021-10-05T16:35:29

Any thoughts? I assume this is really simple, but with no documentation and scattered people asking for this it’s guess work and I don’t have time to try every permutation sadly :frowning:

For reference, the activity works when I select the normal Account and “Inbox” - so the connection should be good.


I feel this should be really simple and others seem to say it works but no one has an example syntax written anywhere and can’t find notes in any of your documentation covering it? Anyone got 5 mins to help please?

Office 365 activities DO NOT SUPPORT public folders

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