O365 Acquiring mail from wrong account

Hey team,

I am using the Microsoft.Office365.Activities.Mail.GetMail 2.0.3 activity. It is acquiring the mail from the wrong account, even though all connections except the local (correct) mailadress are deleted and the office365 scope is configured correctly.
Is there a possibility to sign out from this activity?



Ideally it gets mails from the account specified in the account field itslef…

Can you please check the same or share some screenshots


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Hello Anil, thank you for the response.
I added two screenshots to show the bug/problem. When i run the sequence it finds the 4 unread mails out of my own mailbox instead of the account(with 1 unread mail) i gave permission to the connector.

1. log


Did you specify the account details in the get mail activity?


Yes, as soon as i enter an account in the activity it throws an error.
Is there any way to re-authenticate this O365 connector as it asked me to do on the first time use of this ‘get office365 mail’ activity?


Are you using integrated services?

If yes then create one more connection with different user name

Or remove the activity and re add and provide the account you want to connect to


I assume what you mean is you used InteractiveToken and now it’s continuing to use that account you first logged in with because it’s cached and not prompting you each time.


Delete the cache file. Now InteractiveToken will prompt you again.

Thank you both, it was the cached token set to the wrong email.

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