Nupkg testing

Hi Team,

Suppose there are some message box in my project developed in studio .
After developing we published that project now i want to test the nupkg means how many message box are in this nupkg.
CodeReview.1.0.1.nupkg (3.7 KB)
Please help on this.

Thanks in advance.

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–extract this nupkg file
–openthe main file
–we can type as Message box in the universal search at the top of the screen
–that will display the number of the message box activities been used

hope this would help you
Cheers @neerajmca5

I want to execute nupkg and would like to know number of comments, message box unused variable etc.

Is it possible to execute only one nupkg instead of main.xaml + other xaml files and get the details as required ?

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Nuget pkg is a collection of all xaml file along with With a main xaml file, then config files, Json files and subfolders - which are compressed to a single file with extension as .nupkg

Usually nuget pkg is what will get published to the orchestrator
—so when run a process via orchestrator we can term that as we run with nupkg file

—but if we are trying to run the process via studio we need to extract that nuget pkg and get the individual files in that pkg
—while after getting them we will be executing only the main file as it will have all the other invoked xaml files in it
—so when we run via studio we need to open the main xaml and then only we can execute

Then finally if we want to know the count of message box and comments, then we can use a counter variable of type int32 with default value as 0
—like after each comments or message box use a assign activity and mention like this
counter = counter + 1
—at last of the sequence use a message box and mention this counter variable in it which will show the number of message box used

Hope this would help you
Cheers @neerajmca5

Thanks for reply.

As a code reviewer , i just want to know how many msgbox, comments etc are left by the developer in all xaml files.

Thatswhy i want to write my own code that will check these points in all xaml files.

is it possible or not?

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Yah that’s possible of course
But one thing is we need to run the process and then we can find the number of message box been used as you say it’s been developed by others
Like using element exits or image exists by choosing message box pop up menu as a element or screen and we can take a Count with a variable counter for its each occurrence in the foreground of the screen when those process developed by your colleague is ran or executed

May be that could help us to find
And there are many option as sky is the only limit
Cheers @neerajmca5