Numbers inserted incorrectly

Hello friends, (@Ninett_Panfir, @Rammohan91, @balupad14 )
I need to delete all the numbers inserted in the box “Numero Bolletta” (at the top of the page).
I’m using an old application(it isn’t a web page) so the selectors aren’t good.
I’m using the method SendWait for inserting the value of the “Numero Bolletta” but sometimes when the Bot inserts the numbers, it leaves a number (precisely 2 at the end), which is incorrect.
How it is possible to delete in a safe way all the old numbers and insert the new one?

Thank you so much,


Just use the same activity what you are using to post numbers but use it 2 times. 1st Time pass empty value like “ “(give one space- you can hard code ) 2nd time enter your value string.

Hope it will work for you… give a try.

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Hi @CamiCat,

Step 1:
A. Identify the element of the text box by using the UiExplorer.
B. Identify the element Numero Bolletta the label by using the UiExplorer and give a Tab key
(May be it got focus).
Step 2:
Give the Alt+A and Del key to the sendhotkey or typeinto activity.


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