Number of times an Enterprise Authorized UiPath Studio License can be Transferred?


I have a full paid authorized user Enterprise Uipath Studio License. I want to know if there is a limit to the number of times the license can be transferred to another authorized user. Anyone know the answer? After a search of related topics, I cannot find the answer anywhere on or in the forums.

I am already familiar with HOW to transfer it, and I understand only one person at a time is authorized to use the license.

I just want to specifically know if there is a limit to number of times it can be transferred. (total quantity, and are there any time restrictions) Like, could I transfer it 5 times a week? Wondering if it could be transferred as needed to optimize license utilization…



Hi @kevstu02

Could you specify what type of license you have and why do you need to rotate it between machines?

Thanks for the quick response. I have an Authorized User UiPath Studio License as an RPA Developer for my company. I work at a consulting firm and we have several RPA Developers that rotate between clients and projects. If a developer is working with a client (utilizing licenses purchased by the client) and no longer needs his/her license we can re-allocate the authorized user and machine. I have done this before, I just want to know if there are limits to how many times / how often I can transfer the license to a new authorized user / machine.

I believe there is no limit, but I’m not sure about frequency. You can always contact our licensing support with a query about your specific scenario :slight_smile:

Thanks Maciej,

I may have to send them a note.