Number of robot included in "Orchestrator Basic"?

Hello all!

Does anyone know how many robots are included in the new “Orchestrator Basic” package?

The information I have is the following one:

For customers in the early adoption stage of their RPA journey, Orchestrator Basic offers exactly the same features and functionalities as Orchestrator Standard, with limitations:

  • Limited to a single tenant
  • Maximum of 5 Robots (attended and/or unattended)
  • Maximum of 5 Studios

Does this mean that the 5 robots are included? Or does one have to but them separately?

Hi @jcab

I believe this is just a separate offering of Orchestrator, which means you will still need to acquire licenses for your robots. It will simply mean that you won’t be able to buy more robots than the limit allows.

Follow-up question:

in the UiPath Licensing Trainig it reads: “Named User and Concurrent User licenses cannot coexist within a single Orchestrator tenant.” Are “Concurrent Runtime” licenses included in the phrase “Concurrent User licenses”?

Practically speaking:
If I purchase “Orchestrator Basic” can I run BOTH attended bots (named user or concurrent user license) and unattended bots (concurrent runtime) under one tenant?

Hi, Attended Bots cannot run by Orchestrator even it is Basic.

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