Number of Assets


Can anyone please suggest me if there is limit in number of assets that can be used per account in Orchestrator community edition. I have already define 12 assets and all of them are easily accessible through Get Asset activity. But when I try to access the 13th asset value, it displays an error message saying “Count not find an asset with this name. Error code:1002”

Thank you.


Hi @suwalruchan365, based on the error, is more like you are trying to AssetName defined in Get Asset Name is invalid. Could you check whether the AssetName matches with the Name defined in your Orchestrator?



Hi @quihan,
I rechecked the asset name but there is nothing wrong with that. When I used get asset activity for the assets that was already there, it’s working perfect. But when I define a new one and try fetching it, I am just getting the error message. I tried with various new assets but shows the same error for the new ones.


Asset is created using Single Value or Value Per Robot?



Hi @quihan,
Assets have been created using single value.