Number column need to be updated in execute non query activity in database

Hi Team,
I have a database in which i have a stored procedure written.
inside this there is first column with name “number” which is a dynamic column identity column which should be having incrementing value when the data is appended in my DB.
while executing the code , it runs the first time but the next time it run it throws an error saying that number cant have duplicate values. now my identity column number should be dynamically incrementing the value but it is not.
any clue how can i resolve this issue?

Hi @DikshaSK,
It’s hard to check what can be a problem here if we don’t see it. Can you attach workflow or show the screenshots?

Please check if you are passing correct arguments to your stored procedure.
for auto incremented column pass NULL if a column list is used and IDENTITY_INSERT is ON.
Else you can ignore the column and pass all other arguments only.


@Sourav_Anand thanks yes my stored procedure had this insert on off. thanks


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