.nuget package is not getting downloaded when running the bot from Orchestrator or assisttant

Hi Team,

When i am running the job from the orchestrator the .nuget package is not getting downloaded in the machine where the bot has to run.

Any reasons?

Hello @Shashi123

Can you please condifmr the robot is connected to the orchestrator properly? Are you able to see the UiPath assistant as connected and licensed ?

Yes, robot has the correct license and it is connected.


This is due to the internet access in the robot machine, check whether internet access is there or not. You have to add the sites to the trusted sites list to get the Nuget packages from internet.



I checked machine has internet access and I added the sites given by you in Trusted sites list. But still .nuget folder is not getting created automatically and packages are also not getting downloaded.


If you are enterprise user raise it with UiPath technical support team.

Check also you have local admin rights to write on the .Nuget folder